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European Union ban on routine use of antibiotics Starts

European Union ban on routine use of antibiotics Starts January 28.2022. European Union (EU) ban on the routine use of antibiotics that could change the face of intensive farming came into force this month.

Intensive farming relies on antibiotics, also known as antimicrobials, to prevent animals from getting sick in disease-friendly farm conditions that often include crowding, stress, poor ventilation, and limited access to fresh air and sunlight.

The new regulation, due to come into effect January 28, states that both prophylactic and metaphylactic antibiotic use should be avoided and says antimicrobials, “shall not be used for prophylaxis other than in exceptional cases.” 

If the ban were properly enforced it would “effectively end cheap animal protein and intensive animal farming,” said Peter Stevenson, a lawyer with NGO, Compassion in World Farming. But, he said, “given the huge business interests involved in both the livestock and pharma sector” there is every reason to think enforcement will fail.

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