7 Reasons Why Factory Farming is Failing Us

7 Reasons Why Factory Farming is Failing Us. Factory Farming is what used to be local farms in America that raised cattle, chickens, pigs, and other animals. They also grew crops and had dairy cows for milk and eggs and cheese. Agriculture is how humans live and is thousands of years old.

Then just about 60 years ago, agriculture, suddenly changed. Farming in America and then the world died. Died is not the right word. It was killed by technology and greed. Agriculture was turned into an Industrial Era Factory. It became a product or commodity. It was produced not farmed or grown on the earth. It was grown in a factory system. Just like getting raw products or parts made into a car, or a piece of merchandise.

Factory Farming is a soulless mechanized and organized factory to take in animals, as if they were the raw material, and make them into a factory product called Food. Then it is sent into the supply chain and shipped to stores. And people buy it and eat it.

It is a horrific industrial age invention. Void of all humanity. It is the extreme capturing, confinement, and brutal killing of sentient beings. Animals are sentient beings, just as humans are Sentient beings. See the definition of Sentient beings on our site. It is called the processing of livestock for commercial use.

This Industrial age industrial invention for replacing the world agricultural society was invented by efficiency scientists in the 1960s in an effort to maximize efficiency and production so that countries could manage growing populations. It was designed to use as little space as possible, require less maintenance, and allow food companies and farmers to “grow” large amounts of food, quickly and cheaply. Efficiency scientists and governments stated as a solution for more food. It has turned into a failure in many ways.

7 Reasons Why Factory Farming is Failing Us

  1. Farmers have been displaced.
  2. Local Farms shut down.
  3. Middle class America businesses closed.
  4. Animals are slaughtered in unhealthy and inhumane conditions.
  5. People get meat full of antibiotics.
  6. Disease is out of control.Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, mental health and cancer have rapidly grown over the past 60 years, despite advanced medical treatments.
  7. The cost to life and health no longer justifies the efficiency and inhumanity to animals and to ourselves.

Environment & Factory Farming

Environmentalists also take issue with factory farms for their negative impact on the earth. These farms release huge amounts of methane gas and waste into the land, air, and sea, their emissions are not closely monitored. Also, Cattle production use 10 times more land than plant-based agriculture

So, Why is Factory Farming Still Around

The answer is simple: It is a monopoly of a few global mega-corporations. It has lobbies and power. And some, scientists, economists, and politicians prefer to live in denial of the facts. They believe that factory farming is still the only way to keep up.

The Tide Has Turned on Factory Farming

Despite all this, the fact of the matter is that people are seeing the health and moral issues and changing their attitudes on body and mind health, the environment, climate change, animal welfare, and more than the demand for factory farming food and meat is decreasing.

Consumer awareness regarding the consumption of animal products is on the rise and thousands have been convinced to transition from meat to Plant-based-Vegan, and vegetarians.

Factory Farming: what can you do?

There are a few practices that you can adopt to help mitigate the problems that factory farming presents. By making intentional choices about where your food is coming from and how you interact with the planet, you can make positive change without having to sacrifice your entire lifestyle.

7 Reasons Why Factory Farming is Failing Us

Reduce Your Intake of Unsustainable Meats

7 Reasons Why Factory Farming is Failing Us

Many people are deciding to eat less meat for better health. It is starting to take hold. There are movements and groups across America, such as Meatless Monday, Plant-Based Friday, and VeganR Us. Check them out. They help people transition and make it easy. A large part of society is going Factoryless Farming altogether.

7 Reasons Why Factory Farming is Failing Us

And some who eat meat only purchase meat from local non-Factory Farms once a week from small, local farms, you can know more about how it gets to your table. Support small businesses!

Factory Farms and their high carbon footprint are problematic for you, and the planet. Opt instead for sustainable farms where you can ask questions about how animals are raised and how waste is disposed of.

If you’re willing to cut back on meat in your diet, prioritize eliminating meats that are the most harmful to the environment, like Lamb, beef, and pork.

The lightest and least offensive meat to the planet is poultry, with chicken being the most sustainable option of them all.

HOWEVER. Most chicken is raised in factory farms and under horrible conditions. And they have been fed growth hormones to grow quickly. Additionally, male baby chickens are killed, “shredded” as the Factory Farms call it. They kill them as Factory Farms say they are not deemed profitable to grow fast and large.

Be more eco aware

You can make other eco-friendly choices that aren’t even related to eating meat. Taking up practices like recycling and composting can make a positive difference, and you should use reusable products whenever you can. You can also try carpooling or public transportation to reduce your own carbon emissions.

7 Reasons Why Factory Farming is Failing Us

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